Who is Aaron?

Aaron is an individual based in Los Angeles, CA. Home of cultural diversity and bumper-to-bumper traffic hours.

What does this Aaron do exactly? He has no clue either, he experiments with art in different mediums. He has experimented with different forms of art starting from 9 years old. He picked up a piece of software called Blender when he was 10 and experimented with 3D. He first did Lego stop-motion videos from 9 to 12 years of age. He moved on to do short live-action videos at 13 when he entered High School. For a short amount of time he did tutorial videos. Around his teens he picked up programming as a hobby and programmed a couple chat bots and video games.

What is he doing now? Aaron is currently attending CSULB studying film. He sometimes makes videos going over topics he finds interesting and writes.

Aaron has had experience editing, writing, camera operating, writing music, remixing music and programming stuff. He even made some of this website.

He should be posting his work on here eventually. He is very picky when it comes to the stuff he creates. But that’s how you know he strives to do his best.

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