So today (as of writing this post) marks 10 years since I uploaded my first video on Youtube. So it is only fit that I upload a video showing how much my style as a creator has changed over the past decade. I started making Youtube videos in my bedroom when I was 9 years old. My interest was in animation, which was mainly inspired by Brickfilm videos on Youtube. The first couple of years was me experimenting with different types of animation. Some were poorly drawn stickfigures in Microsoft Paint, while others were stop-motion animated Lego minifigures.

As I got older and made more videos, I stuck to stopmotion since I did not have to draw the Lego minifigs with a computer mouse. It was easier to manipulate something that was physical than it was to drawn the same drawing every frame. At least for 10 year old me. In the video when more live action stuff was introduced, this was when I entered high school and took a film class. I suddenly had more access to video equipment and could create live-action videos instead of animation. My experience making the Lego videos helped with my understanding of editing and camerawork. You only need some toys or clay, a basic camera, and any free editing program. Anyways, around this time I started to experiment on how to tell a story. In fact, a film competition led me to create ‘A Better World’.

The last 2 videos shown were created recently during my college years. ‘2030’ was created for another film competition, while ‘Imaginary Friends’ was created for my submission to a specific film program at my university. With the help of my friends and previous experimental attempts of video, I made a video that got me accepted in that program. Starting the new semester, I’ll be studying in that program. I consider that video the conclusion of my first 10 years of video making. The next 10 years should be interesting with many improvements to come.

This is technically the 10 year challenge, but with my creative videos instead.

  • Aaron