This video was my introduction to high school film competitions and copyright.

Back when I was a sophomore in high school, I was in my second year of film class. The film class was responsible for the school morning announcements, which consisted of filming two student anchors reading off announcements the class had recieved through emails sent by teachers and staff. The class was divided into 4 groups who were in charge of running the morning announcements each day of the week. One section of the morning announcements was dedicated to a segment the group had made. Whether it was a documentary-esque segment on a school related topic or a showcase of students doing interesting school programs. The groups had a week to produce their weekly segment. Depending on how efficiently you could make the weekly segment, you would have some extra time before submitting your segment. I basically took this extra time to make a video with my friend David and some classmates.

Around this time, I was into electronic music.(I still listen to the genre, but I try to listen to other genres of music as well) I was intrigued with this particular song and I wanted to make a video that was my interpretation of what the song meant. After 2 class periods of filming with a Canon Powershot that I got for my birthday and a day or two editing, I had the above video as the final product. It’s a bit of a weird video, as it was mainly an improv creation. I had finished a video, I did not know what to do with it. Until my english teacher gave me a flyer.

The flyer led me to a series of short film competitions I entered the video and won some awards. I wanted to submit it to higher profile film compeititons, but the song I was using was not my original song so it violated some rules of those higher competitions. At this point I learned about fair use and the copyright system regarding using other creators’ content.

Overall, this video was an important step in towards my development of making interpretive short films.