Photos I’ve Taken At Random Places

You’re free to download them and use them for any project. They’re licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 which means you’re free to share and adapt these photos as long as they are used for non-commercial purposes. The only requirement to use them is to give me attribution.

Pope Bobblehead
Sunset in Venice
Cat in Rome
Ancient Baths in Rome (creepy in person)
Somewhere in Ireland
This would be my mom in Ireland
A Black Cat in Ostia, looks good for being roughly 2000 years old
Sunrise in Venice
A Holocaust memorial in Berlin
Somewhere in Spain
A river in Prague
Umm. Another cat. This time from Portugal
A river with people in boats in the river
I hope something good happened here
I think I take too many photos of cats. I should really dedicate a page to them. Oh, and this cat is from Portugal. First cat I've ever seen who has his own car
Like seriously, he's got a whole car. That's pretty awesome