aaronjc.com gets an upgrade!


This is my personal website where I post my work. I recently switched it from Hugo to another Static Website Generator called Jekyll.

I hope you like it! It’s still a bit bare until I learn more about Jekyll.


  1. Who are you?
    • My name is Aaron Camacho, and I am a filmmaker based in LA. I like to write, direct, edit and film. Anything that has to do with making a film.
  2. Do you only make films?
    • No, I also like to do other things that are not strictly filmmaking. I also like to make music, write code, and photograph random places. I might post more about those in the future, but currently this website is focused on short-form films and filmmaking.
  3. Can I have a cat photo?
    • A: Sure! Here you go. It’s not my cat, but it is a cat.


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